About the Spa

The Prolom Spa is located in the South of Serbia, on the wooded slopes of the Radan Mountain. It is primarily known for its natural Prolom water, one of a rare group of waters with a high balneological value. Aiming to bring this unique gift of nature closer to you, we made it possible for you to remain in contact with Prolom water throughout the hotel. You can use it in the rooms, the medical section, pools, the wellness area, the restaurant...

The complex of the Radan Hotel combines accommodation in comfortable rooms, modern medical and wellness treatments, facilities for recreation, fun, field trips...

Whether you come for a vacation or medical treatment, business meetings or simply a pleasant rest in nature, you can complete your stay with wellness treatments, relax in indoor and outdoor swimming pools, lunch at the "Ethno restaurant", field trips to Devil's Town, the Lazarica church, etc. You can plan your own ideal stay or choose from one of our packages.

Special offer: indoor swimming pool, gym and sport fields hotel guests can use completely free of charge!